She is flirting with you, she is taken but flirt with other guys, she is interested in you.

Have you ever found yourself flirting with someone only to find out later that she has a boyfriend? There are obvious reasons why a girl behaves in this manner. But there is one big reason that many men are not aware of. “She’s just playing hearts”. “She wants to see how far she can go before you react and get mad at her”. “It’s just harmless teasing”. These are all things that guys might say when they find out their crush is taken. But what if she was serious about it? Taking the bait usually doesn’t end well for any guy. So we’ll take a look at 10 reasons she has a boyfriend but flirts with me.

She has a boyfriend but flirts with me, Why?

In a new study of the Journal of Personality and Social Psychologypublished by the American Psychological Association. Researchers believe men who are in a perfect relationship tend to view their partners as less attractive after talking to an attractive female. On the other hand, women are likely to strengthen their committed relationship after meeting an available, handsome man. It can be hard to figure out how you should behave when a girl gives off mixed signals. 

So, you are probably wondering why she flirts with me? Is she having feelings for you ? or you are just a backup plan for her. Emotions and relationships can get tricky sometimes. This article will focus on all the possible reasons and find how you can handle those situations to never come out at the losing end of things. There are 10 reasons she has a boyfriend but flirts with me.

1. She just looking for more attention.

Often girls need a lot of attention in order to feel comfortable with themselves. However, this is one of those cases where it’s not the girl but rather the lack of self-confidence that causes this need. When a girl needs attention, she knows where to find it and will always try to obtain it from you. She’ll greet you enthusiastically when you walk into a room and then proceed to talk to you endlessly. Ignoring the fact that you’re not interested in anything other than her company. Go ahead and ignore her.

If a woman flirts with you but doesn’t like you back, then it’s only going to be for her own self-gratification, and she won’t leave her boyfriend for you. Why Would you want to be with someone who will ditch you just as fast as they’d dump their boyfriend?

2. She is not happy with her boyfriend.

If someone is in a relationship and still flirts with other people, they are not happy. Flirting will give them the feeling of excitement that they need and brings joy to them. If someone in a relationship flirts with the opposite sex, it means that their relationship is not working for them anymore or something is missing in it. She is looking for a bigger and better deal. So, for some girls, even if they are in a relationship, they are always looking around for better options. This is unmistakeable reason of that she has boyfriend but flirts with me.

3. She is just being nice.

She is flirting with you, she is taken but flirt with other guys, she is interested in you,

In love, women give subtle hints about their feelings. A man will easily misunderstand these hints. Sometimes, the subtext of a girl’s words won’t be clear enough, and a guy will be left wondering if she’s flirting or just being friendly. Friendly and flirty behavior can be hard to differentiate, leading to embarrassing situations or general misunderstandings. Now it’s up to you to figure out if she acts this way with everyone. I mean, try to see if she is flirting, smiling, making jokes, or even do playful touching with all the people she meets. If she only acts in a friendly way around you and not around anyone else. Then, it is possible that she likes you more than a friend.

4. She is just trying to make her boyfriend jealous.

There is a wide range of emotions that people experience in the course of their lives. Everybody is sometimes jealous, and that’s completely normal. Girls get jealous about a lot of things because they can be possessive and territorial creatures. One of the possible reasons why she flirts with you is to make her boyfriend jealous.

However, you will also notice that she flirts with you exact time when her boyfriend is around. Suppose a woman is only using you because she wants to make her boyfriend jealous. In that case, her body language will change like she tries to get close to you. So you need to be very careful, The angry, jealous boyfriend might come after you to get revenge, so it’s essential to keep some distance from women like this.

5. She Genuinely Likes you.

It’s quite possible that she genuinely likes you and doesn’t know what to do about it. You will know if a girl likes you by the way she’s smiling and talking with you. She might be a nice girl and resistant to talk about her feelings because she’s worried you will react negatively, and she’s uncertain about the best course of action herself. If you want to pursue a relationship with her. Don’t start dating her until she breaks up with her current boyfriend.

6. She Just Craves Some Physical Intimacy.

She is flirting with you, she is taken but flirt with other guys, she is interested in you,

People cheat on their partners because they are unsatisfied with their relationship or want to fulfill some needs. Being flirty may be her way of expressing interest in someone. Perhaps she is just looking for a friend with benefits. If her flirtation is approaching a level of heat move towards the hot and sizzling side that you’re not comfortable with. Then it’s likely that she’s looking to move the relationship forward.

7. She is flirting with you to avoid boredom

Her relationship is becoming dull, so she wants that excitement back, and flirting with other guys is the best way to do it. Even if she eventually regrets her actions.

She wants attention from someone, and she knows you like her, which makes your interest all the more important for her. She may not be looking to make any changes in her relationship or leave him anytime soon, but what will happen if her flirting leads to something more?

It’s not uncommon for girls who are taken and flirt with others while they have a boyfriend to want nothing serious from someone else either. If this is the case, it can be hard to know exactly what you should do in any given situation. Keep an eye out and stay focused on your own goals and interests.

8. Looking for new thrill and excitment.

She feels bored in her relationship and wants something new to make it exciting again. She may not want anything too serious, but she’s still looking for that thrill of being around someone who likes her back.

If she is in a relationship but wants to feel like a sexy and beautiful woman again. Now the interesting thing is she may not be looking for anything serious, but she’s still excited by enough attention from someone who finds her attractive.

It could even mean that she has been taken for so long to realize that she’s feeling cooped up and needs something new in order to feel good about herself again.

9. You are better than her current boyfriend.

It could mean that she just doesn’t feel good enough for her current boyfriend and likes the fact that you find her attractive. She may not want to break up with her current partner at all, but this is the only way to make herself feel better about it anyway. That’s why she is cheating with her boyfriend and starts flirting with you.

She’s bored with him or generally feels unhappy in her serious relationship, so she wants to feel better about things by attracting other people. She is not looking to break up with her boyfriend, but she knows that if you find her attractive, it will make her feel good again in the relationship.

10. She is a serious cheater.

She is cheating, and her relationship means nothing to her-so. Please don’t believe anything else she tells you… she’s probably already done something like this before! You should always stay away from these types of women. There is a perfect saying for this “It doesn’t matter how pretty you are. If your personality sucks”. So, always go for personality overlooks.

Maybe she pretends to be single at first and shows that she’s interested in you by flirting with you. These types of girls need someone with whom she dates and starts a happy relationship, after some time when she gets bored or finds another guy better than the previous one she leaves you, in the same way, like she used to with her last boyfriend. Don’t believe even if she said she’s in love with you. And if you decide to date and hope that she really loves you, that will be your biggest mistake.

Final Thought

You may be wondering why she is flirting with you when you have a boyfriend. The answer could lie in the fact that she feels like her current relationship isn’t meeting her needs and wants to see if there’s someone else who can provide them for her. On the one hand, it sounds cruel of this woman to flirt with another man while also being in an exclusive relationship. Still, on the other hand, it does make sense because sometimes people need more than they are getting from their partner to feel satisfied in their romantic life (and vice versa). It could also mean that she knows your situation or fears yours – so by engaging with you without any attachment, maybe she hopes to strengthen herself emotionally before leaving him behind.

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