make your man cry in bed

Every woman needs the confidence to make her man happy and satisfied in her relationship. Your intimacy with your man is one of the most important ways to strengthen your bond as a couple.

If you are looking for creative and saucy ways to make your man cry in bed, you can begin with letting go of your “good-girl” attitude.

Here is a naughty girls’ list of crazy, romantic things you can do to him to make him scream your name every time!

Surprise Him Every Now and Then

This is a sure-fire way to get you man to cry in bed. Catch him off guard! Drop the bomb on him when he least expects it.

Drop him a naughty text casually when he is busy with something else. May it even be a sneak peek. But that will surely make him look forward, rather impatiently, to catch the complete ‘show’ later that day.

So, don’t forget to use the surprise element to spice things up in bed for your man.

Play with Sound

Sound is one of the important senses that trigger multiple other emotions. Especially when it comes to ‘bed-time’, men relate various sounds to different scenarios that can ignite fire!

When it is time for the world to rest, take advantage of peaceful ambiance and put sound to use to wake your man up!

Breathe heavy. Moan softly while lying down. Let the way you moisturize your feet make little extra noise that night… Be creative in your own way and bring out a different flavor to make your man cry in bed.

Engage in Dirty Talks

Do not shy away from talking dirty to your man. Fill up his mind with all the dirty things you wanna do to him before the ‘act’.

Based on your comfort zone, describe more elaborately to your man how you feel when he does nasty things to you. Whisper into his ears what you love the most. Ask him what his wish for the day is.

Use dirty phrases in your local language to level up the game. It is most likely to turn him on!

Female Domination is a Must Try

Males are commonly known to be the stronger and more aggressive gender, especially in bed. But there are still a lot of men out there who will bust this myth.

Many men are known to get aroused by female domination and enjoy it when their girl becomes more aggressive in bed. So, try out this flavor to make your man cry in bed if you already haven’t.

Discuss with him if he’s up for it. If you see him get excited with the idea of you on top, it’s you cue to go for it.

Right from being on top to making him your slave or tying him up, you can certainly explore different ways to be the ‘Dom’ in your relationship.

Step Your Kissing Game Up

There are many levels of kissing your man – it can start with a gentle, romantic kiss, which can lead to a wild, cloth-ripping kiss mixed with bites.

Take the initiative in exploring this entire range of kissing with your man.

Also, touch all his sensitive spots with your lips. Kiss him around his ears and his neck, play with his nipples. Mix your kisses with gentle bites, and it will surely drive him crazy!

You can also try out a new erogenous spot, even an entire zone! You never know what will trigger the right senses and turn into making your man scream in pleasure.

Turn Up the Music

Make your own ‘naughty’ playlist for your ‘play-time’. If you guys associate your erotic thoughts with some specific songs, don’t forget to play them in the background.

If you don’t want music in the background, then the real music can be your moans!

The noise you make during the act is a way of reassuring him that he is giving you pleasure. This can ultimately turn him on to another level.

Don’t shy away from being loud with him whenever you can. This will also boost pleasure for your man and make him groan, even cry in bed.

Make Him ‘Happy’ with Your Massages

Massaging can be a great start to getting your man to heat up. Use gentle, circular movements to relax his muscles and slowly shift your focus on more sensitive zones of his body.

You can get creative in this activity and use anything but your hands while massaging him. Lie down on him and grind slowly to massage his back. Slightly increase pressure and let him feel your body against his.

Gradually move to more erotic parts of his body to heat up the massage. Use your own body parts to get your man to breathe even heavier. 

Add a bit of dirty talk to your massages, and your man is set to cry happy tears in bed!

Take His Name in Bed Loudly

Please note carefully that every time you take your man’s name in bed, you are triggering various erotic emotions in his mind.

Take his name and tell him how well he satisfies you.

Take his name and tell him not to stop.

Take his name and tell him he is the best you have ever had.

Take his name every time you moan, and watch your man go from 1 to 10 in seconds!

‘One Hour of Naughty Time’ Coupon

On special occasions, gift your man a coupon for an hour of naughty time with you. Plan carefully on how you would like to spend that time with him. Add various sensational elements to your plan.

Complement your man generously to uplift his mood. Create a romantic ambiance in your room if you can. Add romantic lighting, flowers, scented candles, and toys to dramatically improve that hour of naughty time.

Also, don’t forget to tell your man that it is his time, and you will do whatever he wants before the coupon expires. This will surely excite your man, and in the end, he will be whimpering with happy tears.

Get Creative with Role Play

This is the oldest trick in the book. Discuss with your man about his sexiest and craziest fantasy.

Plan a role-play accordingly to explore his dreams and make them come true, one fantasy at a time.

Expand the range of your role plays from some fictional character from a book or movie to a person from real life. Spice things up by building a story and wearing interesting costumes and props.

Role play is one of the best ways to forget the tensions of real life and live in a magical, sexy world to enjoy the great pleasures of life in your bedroom.

Do Not Turn Off the Lights

Men are visual creatures. They take great pleasure in seeing you and enjoying your beauty through their eyes.

So, begin with keeping the lights on. Be comfortable in your own skin without worrying about your belly fat or thick thighs. Men love to see, touch, and feel every single inch of a woman’s body. So, your man will certainly focus on your beautiful body and not on the flaws you find in your own skin.

Keep the lights on! Play with your man’s mind with your moves; they are going to be sexy enough to make him cry in bed. Turn him on with your perfect imperfections and build up a solid mood in the room for a wild ride.

Keep the ‘Tension’ Alive

In the middle of the day-to-day, hectic schedule, don’t forget to keep the romantic pull alive between you and your man.

Your romantic life in the bedroom can dramatically change when you make him feel the sexual tension every now and then. Keep dropping the sneak peeks on him and provide food for his right hormones.

It always starts in the head and the mind. So, pull the correct triggers using this checklist and you’ll surely make your man cry in bed!

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