Texts to make him think about you, texts to make a man think about you.

Are you looking for some texts to grab your partner attention? Are you just looking for a new way of teasing your partner when he’s away from you? If yes, then I have created a list of some texts to make him think of you.

Texting has become such an integral part of our relationship because it allows us to communicate with each other in a way that isn’t as intense as a conversation. It allows us to hold a conversation without being face-to-face, and for some people, this is one of the best parts of texting.

You text him either for his attention or maybe you are looking for new ways to excite or tease your partner while he is away from you. When you love someone, you also hope that your partner is also thinking about you, as you do.  

The text should always use along with talking in person or meeting. Moreover, body language and tone are so essential to keep his attention. There are many texts to make him think about you.  

Different text messages to make him think about you

How do you get a guy to think about you all the time? The answer is simple: text him. Texting can be one of the most effective ways to keep in touch with someone, but it’s very important that you are sending texts that make him want to think about you all day long. These texts will not only make him think about you more often, but they’ll also make him really happy!

we are divided text messages into different categories:

Don’t be too available

It is important not to be too available. This means that you should only reply every so often instead of being immediately there for him when he reaches out. It will make him appreciate your time more and want to get in touch with you even more than before! Be sure not to go radio silent on the guy, though; it’s essential that you keep him in the loop of your life!

TIP: if he sends a text when it’s late at night, make sure to wait until the morning before responding. This will definitely add to his frustration and have him thinking about you all day long 🙂

Ask for advice.

If something is going on in the guy’s life, it is good to ask him for advice on how he would handle it. This will make you look like an even more capable woman in his eyes and spark some interest!

TIP: I recommend only asking your crush or boyfriend for advice if they’ve proven themselves as trustworthy friends before. If not, the advice they give you might be questionable.

Ask for his input on something that has nothing to do with him.

This is a great way to show the guy how smart and interesting you are! You can ask about things within your field of work or school, even if it’s just general questions about random topics. This will spark some interest and make him want to think about you more often!

TIP: be careful with this one. Don’t ask the guy questions that he doesn’t know anything about, because it could backfire on you if he does not have any good advice or input 🙂

Be supportive of his interests.

It is important when texting a guy to be supportive of his interests. This will show him how much you really care about him and want to be involved in everything he does!

TIP: If the guy is very into a certain hobby, take an interest in it as well so that you can spend time both doing your own thing as well as spending quality time together 🙂

Ask for a date.

This one is pretty straightforward, but it’s very effective! If you want to spend time with the guy, just ask him on a date! It will be something he’ll never forget and keep him thinking about you more often 🙂

TIP: I recommend waiting until at least two weeks have passed since your first contact before asking him on a date 🙂

Be playful.

Being lighthearted and fun is one of the best ways to keep in touch with someone! It will add to his happiness if you can make him laugh or smile, and he’ll text you more often because of it! This means that if something serious comes up, don’t try turning everything into a joke; instead, let him know you’re there for him and try to cheer him up 🙂

TIP: be careful with this. Don’t use sarcasm or play mean pranks on the guy unless he’s your best friend who won’t get offended by it! It can backfire if done wrong 🙁

Be a little mysterious.

This means not revealing too much about yourself when you first start talking to the guy. This will make him want to know more, and in turn, text or message you even more 🙂

TIP: I recommend not lying when texting a guy but still remaining mysterious! If he asks if something is true, simply say, “You’ll have to find out!” or “Yes/no”. This will make you seem like a challenge and keep him wondering :))

Open up the conversation for him.

If the guy texts you, open up the conversation by asking him how he’s doing or what’s new. This will get things started and keep it interesting!

TIP: It is important to not just reply with one-word answers because that can be frustrating for both of you 🙂 this way, if something serious comes up, have a conversation about it. If something less serious comes up, keep the conversation light and fun 🙂

Ask him for advice about his day. 

It is important to text a guy and asks about his day. If you want him to think of the two of you as friends, not just another girl he’s talking to, then getting involved with his life will help! He’ll start thinking that spending time with you means more than just going out on dates 🙂

TIP: be careful with this, though, because if there is something serious going on in his life he may not want to talk about it. If you sense that’s the case, simply change the subject or let him know you’re here for him 🙂

Good morning texts.

Start the day off right by texting a guy good morning! Not only is it important to be up early for school/work, but this will start your conversations with him off on a positive note 🙂

TIP: If you have class or work at night and he has a busy schedule as well, try sending these texts around noon time. This way, you’ll both be able to spend some time texting each other!

Flirty texts to make him think about you.

A guy will always respond to flirty texts. It’s just the way guys are! This is a great way to flirt and also keep him thinking about you 🙂

TIP: I recommend using emojis in your texts whenever possible because they’re fun, cute, and very effective at getting a message across! Be careful not to overuse them, though :

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Texts to make him think about you, Texts to make a man think about you.

Romantic texts messages to make him think about you.

Suppose you are in a romantic relationship with your partner. You can text him flirty texts to make him think about you. You can send him cute texts and sweet texts and start with a good morning message. He might be too self-conscious, but a genuine smile automatically placed on her face when he saw your messages. You can send him messages like.

  1. Sending my love your way! Have a good day, love.
  2. I miss you, and I hope I’ll be in your mind as much as you are mine.
  3. I want to spend the whole day with you.
  4. Whenever you reply to my message, my heart skips a beat.
  5. You are the only person I love the most. Love you.
  6. You are the only handsome man; no one can match you.
  7. Let’s have dinner together at my house tonight, and I will cook for my love.
  8. I am the luckiest girl in the whole world, who has a boyfriend like you.
  9. We have had such a good time together in intervals, and I miss you already.
  10. Babe, just me and you will go shopping tomorrow.
  11. Because I miss you a lot. So, Last night I fell asleep wearing your t-shirt.

These are just examples, and if he read these messages, he can’t stop thinking about you. He’ll reply to your messages and also wait for your reply. Always use texts to make him curious first, then you can do a bit better and send him flirty texts. Always remember, try small talk, and don’t send lengthy messages.

10 Cheerful texts messages to make him think about you

If you recently started dating, then there’s isn’t time for using flirty messages. So the best is to send a cheerful message to him. a cheerful message can make him smile. And try to spend time with him, and tell him your likes and dislikes like your favourite song, favourite food, place where you visit.

You can send him messages like.

  1. I can’t wait to see you again.
  2. Do you remember that restaurant where we visit on our first date?
  3. I hope you don’t mind sending your handsome face pic.
  4. I couldn’t stop my smile whenever I saw your message.
  5. Thank you so much for being so helpful; you are such a beautiful person.
  6. All my friends are very excited to meet you, see you soon.
  7. I bet you’re killing it at work today!
  8. Send him a cute emoji after the text.
  9. I don’t think anyone can understand me as you do; I feel comfortable with you.
  10. I just the thought that I am very lucky to have you in my life.

Final thougths

Conclusion paragraph: Sending a text and making him think about you is one of the easiest ways to get his attention. Here are some tips for getting the desired reaction from your guy! Make sure he knows that it’s just a friendly conversation, not an interrogation or anything like that. Ask questions related to what interests him, but don’t be pushy because this will backfire on you if he’s not interested in talking at all. You can even make light-hearted jokes or comments which might help break through any awkward silences while texting each other. Remember to always stay positive and upbeat when chatting with guys online so they know where you’re coming from and why you want them around! Good luck!”

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