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If you’re not familiar with how to spot these flirting signs, you may be ignoring your dream girl. These subtle flirtation signals are cleverly confusing, though. On the one hand, she does them consciously to let you know she likes you. It gets tricky, though they’re very subtle and only work if they are backed up by other things she does. If you’re on a 1st date or trying to get your ex back together, this is the guide for you. It outlines what a girl does when she likes a guy and signs a girl wants you to notice her in other situations. Understanding these signs will enable you to be more attractive to women and significantly improve your chances of success with them.

How do you know if a girl wants you to notice her?

Has a girl ever caught your eye, but you weren’t sure if she wanted you to notice her? Have you ever been sitting at the bar, and someone walks by, giving you a nudge on the side of the head with their elbow as they pass? Maybe it was just an accident, or maybe not. Either way, some telltale signs can help decipher whether or not this person is interested in talking to you.

This blog post will give you some of the most common signs a girl wants you to notice her. Check out these 16 clues below!

1. She engages in meaningful conversation.

Have you ever noticed that some girls want to engage in meaningful conversation with a guy? She’s talking about her personal life, feelings, beliefs, and emotions. She gets into the nitty-gritty of who she is and what she’s been through. She takes the time to explain where her opinions come from and why her ideas are important to her. Well, that is a huge sign she wants you to notice her.

2. She gets physical with you.

Women are not always prominent when they are interested in you. There are many different ways to show interest, and this can sometimes play tricks on the mind of men who’re trying to figure out what women want. She may nudge you playfully, sit close to you, or take her sweet time to pick dirt off your shirt. She may also try to give you a lingering hug, and she’s hoping that you notice her. Does the girl you like initiate physical contact a little too often? If the answer is yes, it is one vital sign of a girl wants you to notice her.

3. She laughs at the jokes you make

In general, most women like funny guys. Even if your humor is juvenile, a woman who likes you might think you’re funny anyway; this is largely because humor is a vital sign of a positive relationship with pretty much any woman. A good sense of humor is naturally attractive to women. Jokes are fun and can be a sign of confidence. However, Don’t put on a show. Don’t try to impress her with how funny you are; just be honest, and she’ll like you for it. If she seems to like your style of humor, that might be an early sign that she wants you to notice her more than your friend.

4. She misses you when you’re not around.

The way to tell if a girl likes you back is whether she acts differently around you than she does around other people. To know this, you must observe her in many different situations and decide whether she treats you more like a friend. If she asks if you miss her, it means that she wants to know if you feel the same as she does. Sometimes, girls say things simply because they like guys. The more they like a guy, the more likely they are to say something just to impress him. If you feel that this is happening, it might be okay to ask her out on a date.

5. She Sends Flirty Messages

These signs a girl wants you to notice her include sending flirty messages. She may have been shy in the past, but she opens up with playful teasing when she likes someone. If you’re not sure if it’s just friendly banter or something more, check your gut feeling and look for other signs of attraction. Women who are comfortable enough to send flirty messages tend to have a pretty good idea that you’re into them too.

7. She Introduces You To Her Friends

I will be brutally honest with you guys. When a girl likes a guy, she first tells her best friend why because you are on her mind. She can’t stop thinking about you, so that means that she’ll want you to meet the people that she cares about as soon as possible. It is essential that you set the right impression with them because as soon as you leave, they will influence her decision on whether or not she can continue to see you. So if a girl is inviting you to hang out with her friend, she’ll probably give you a clear sign that she wants you to notice her.

8. She Is Trying To Impress You

If she is falling for you, she will be trying hard to impress you. She may not always succeed, but it’s a good sign if your date goes out of the way to put on her best outfit and do something special for you. It shows that she is willing to go beyond what would usually be expected of her in order to make an impression on someone who matters more than most people.

If she has done this before, then there is no reason why she can’t do it again since all signs are pointing towards attraction between you two!

9. Flirting through her body language

Flirting is a definite sign that girls give off when they are attracted to someone. These signs can be very subtle and complex for men who do not know how women think or feel about things to detect.

Pay attention If you’re not sure how to tell that a girl is flirting with you. They are more obvious than you think. She might make prolonged eye contact, play with her hair and even laugh at your jokes, but sometimes it’s not always about laughing out loud because girls can be shy when flirting too.

Moreover, her body language will automatically change when you are talking to other women in front of her. She will show different body language signs like getting close to you, holding your hands, creepy smile on her face. It’s a big sign that she’s interested in you and wants you to notice her.

10. The woman makes lingering eye contact.

Looking into someone’s eyes for an extended period of time is considered to be a sign that you like them. The fact that she lingered her eyes on you suggests she is interested in getting to know you better. Eye contact for too long could mean either trust or intimacy. She can make a little eye contact with you and then look away as if nothing is going on. If she keeps looking deep into your eyes for even just a few seconds, this means that she’s interested.

11. She responds to all your social media posts.

She responds to all your social media account posts. Even if she’s not a social media person, you’ll notice her liking or commenting on your posts. she will share memes and tag you in her Instagram stories. You’ll see her putting hearts on every photo of yours she scrolls past. You can also say that she’s your most devoted follower.

12. She showers you with compliments.

The woman gives signs of flattery towards you…and even compliments on your clothes or shoes. She’ll also be able to talk about things that interest YOU in particular. So pay attention to obvious signs like this because it could mean there’s a chance she fancies you too! If not, then why would she care? But if all these signs show up, then I think we can safely say “yes” without any doubt that she’s crazy;) Good luck spotting them, guys!

13. She is always available for you.

If a girl tries to make herself available around your schedule, but not too much. She will text back immediately when you message her, even though sometimes other things are more important than talking to you. Being completely free at all times can show that there’s no genuine interest in the relationship. If she is always available for you, whenever you need her, or she got your back whenever you are in trouble.

14. She cares what you think.

Hey!! What do you think about this? is this question looks familiar to you? if the answer is yes, then it is a great possibility that she’s attracted to you. Now, if she is asking you for your opinion on fashion, makeup or hair. Because she cares about what you think about these things and your opinion matters to her.

15. When a girl likes a guy, she will subconsciously try and get his attention.

She doesn’t want to come across as desperate or clingy. So, She drops subtle hints towards him, and showing interest will probably work in their favor rather than being over-the-top from the start, which could just send them running for cover! So watch out, guys.

16. She Finds Excuses To Be Close To You

If the girl wants you to notice her, she will probably want to spend time with you and indicate a desire to get closer to you by moving in your direction and touching your leg. Now because she’s nervous and she likes you, she will do this subtle sort of way. This might be something simple as brushing something off your shoulder or fixing your collar or maybe even ruffling your hair. Either way, she’s going to find some excuse to be able to touch you and be close to you.

Final Thoughts

If you’re looking for signs to know when a girl wants to notice her, just take the time to pay close attention. It’s not hard! Essentially, if she is playing with her hair or touching her face often and without reason, then chances are that she may want some company from you. Now that you have this knowledge in hand, go out there and be confident about it! Don’t let any more girls slip through your fingers because of insecurity about how they feel towards you–just ask them what they think instead.

Just because a woman shows an interest in you, don’t jump into a relationship right away. Take some time to get to know her and see if you can develop a real connection with her. Get casually involved in a relationship before getting serious with her. 

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