Sign he's pretending not be like you, He's Pretending Not to Like You.

Do you have a guy in your life who claims to be not interested, but does all the right things? You are not alone. There are many women here who feel the same way. Men do this because they want to keep their options open without appearing too eager. And they also may be protecting themselves from getting hurt again. Or they may not know what they want at that moment in time. This article is about 11 signs he’s pretending not to like you and why he might be doing it!

Why He is pretending not to like you?

One of the main reasons that he may be pretending not to like you is that he does not want to get hurt again. It can be challenging for men to date, especially after a bad relationship. This protective measure is especially true if you are someone with an established reputation (think movie stars or models). He may be seen as the type of person who “breaks hearts”. Which may make it risky for him to show too much interest in front of his friends or co-workers.

Another possible reason he is pretending not to like you is that he does not know what he wants yet. Men need more time than women to figure out if they are interested in being serious about somebody. They also have a harder time letting go of their independence once they have had it. Until a man is sure, he wants to be in a relationship. And he will avoid it at all costs just so that nothing gets too serious between the two of you.

In this case, pretending not to like you may mean that your guy doesn’t know what they want or is afraid of getting hurt again. You should take some time to figure out if you are interested in this person or not. If they still act like they don’t want anything serious with you, consider moving on and finding somebody else!

1 He always wants to hang out

The first sign that someone might be pretending not to like you is that they always want to hang out with you. In this case, it may mean that he has feelings for you but doesn’t dare to act on them. If he only wants to talk to you when he needs something. It could also be a sign that he’s afraid of getting hurt again. It’s important for someone who likes you to respect your time and boundaries. So if he does this, it may be a good time for self-reflection on whether or not you are interested in him.

2 He’s jealous

It may also be a sign that this man is afraid of getting hurt again and trying to guard himself before he gets too invested. Another sign to look for is if he’s jealous of your other interactions. Such as with guys you work with or friends. He may be doing this because he feels like you’re slipping away from him and wants to make sure the security of his relationship doesn’t diminish.

Your best option in this situation would be to have a frank talk about what it is that he wants from being with you. If he’s not pretending to like you, then talking will finally allow him to express his feelings. If it turns out that he is trying to protect himself from getting hurt. Then it’s better for you to focus on building your self-confidence and sense of worth before getting involved with someone else.

3 He always wants to go on a date

Sign he's pretending not be like you, He's Pretending Not to Like You.

One sign that he is pretending not to like you is if he always wants to go on a date with you. If this is the case, it’s a chance for him to gain more information about you. He may be using the excuse of going on a date to interact with you without really liking you. He asks you about your love life, for example, or about your family and friends. This is a sign that he’s pretending not to like you. Because it implies an interest in what makes up who you are as a person without necessarily liking the person.

4 He tells other people about you

Another sign of him pretending not to like you is if he tells others about your relationship or how much time you spend together in front of other people. He tells others how much you mean to him, even though he acts like you’re not that important to him. This is a sign of him pretending not to like you. Because it implies an interest in keeping your relationship hidden from others for some reason. Because he’s unsure about how you feel about each other and doesn’t want his friends to pressure him into revealing anything until he knows what the actual situation is.

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5 He talks about the future

Another sign of him pretending not to like you is if he seems more interested in talking about the future than anything else. If this happens, he may want to make sure that your relationship will meet his own needs before actually revealing how much he likes you and getting into a deeper emotional connection with you. In this case, then he’s probably not pretending that he doesn’t like you at all – it might just be because of his own personal reasons.

6 He gives you dating advice

It’s also possible that he’s not pretending he doesn’t like you but instead is giving you convenient dating advice. It could be because he thinks of himself as. The ideal type of guy and wants to convince you to date him. This is more likely if he meets all your needs and has a lot of shared interests with you. If this is the case, then it might be worth getting to know him better before completely discounting his feelings for you.

7 He shares everything with you

You are his go-to person. He can always rely on you to be there for him. This means that he is very comfortable with you and the two of you have a close relationship. This is why he feels comfortable telling you things that he doesn’t tell other people.

He tells you about the challenges he faces every day, loves to hear about your day, thinks it’s awesome how smart you are, and just wants to laugh with you. So if your guy is all of these things and more, he may be pretending not to like you.

8 He is comfortable with you

He’s always happy whenever he’s around you. If he pretends not to like you, he would at the very least ignore your presence.

It has been a long time since someone could make him laugh. That hard and be so open with his feelings just by being himself. And he feels understood and comfortable enough with you where it just kind of happens without him even realizing it.

Moreover, he knows that you are not going to judge or tell other people what he has told you. Also, he trusts your judgment and values the things that you have to say about any given situation so much so that if someone asks his opinion on something. And he will defer them over to you because he knows you have a good head on your shoulders.

Final Thoughts

If he makes an effort to be around you and seems like a completely different person when the two of you are together. It’s safe to say that your relationship is going well. And if this type of behavior goes on for quite some time. There may be something more than friendship developing between the two of you. However, if his feelings for you are not returned, he may be pretending to like you. The best way to find out is by talking to him about it and seeing where the relationship goes from there.

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