signs he pretends to love you, he pretends to love you

Maybe he pretends to love you. Or he’s doing what all cheating partners do: create a public image and a private self. No, it would be great if we could just leave behind that life of deception. And build new worlds together – lives full of openness and honesty – but it doesn’t always work like that.

Faking love is just a waste of time. Love can brighten your life; it can make you feel alive; it’s the only thing that can keep relationships together. Yet, most people are afraid to fall in love because they’re afraid of rejection. It’s also the hardest thing to prove whether someone means it or not when they say “I love you.”

There are so many signs he pretends to love you! If you are asking yourself, “does he love me?” or “do I deserve this treatment?” then stay with us and keep reading all the signs he pretends to love you.

You deserve a happy and healthy relationship. You guys deserve someone who makes you feel alive and loved, who unconditionally supports you. And who brings out the best in you, and who can talk share plans with you. But sometimes, despite our efforts to please our significant other. They pretend to love us back but do not feel or think about us the same way. How can you figure out early enough if your man is pretending to love you?

Why does he pretend to love you?

When you’ve been dating someone for a while, and everything is going great in the relationship. But suddenly something happens, and you’re not so sure they love you anymore. You can feel they’re pulling away from you somehow. This can be hard to deal with when you’re in love with that person. Knowing why someone pretends to love you can help you save your relationship before it goes too far.

Has he been cheating on you? Perhaps your relationship isn’t what it used to be. Now, before you get all upset, there may be a reason behind his actions. While it might not be a reason that’s easy for you to understand or even accept. It may explain why he’s been acting a little differently around you lately. Or maybe you’re wondering if the love of your life truly loves you back.

1. You are not his top priority.

It is common knowledge that the priority for any relationship should be the other person. And if you’re not on his priority list, then he doesn’t love you. As a woman, your top priority should be yourself. You want a man in the first place so you can have someone to respect, cherish, and love. If you have other priorities before yourself, it shows that you cannot love yourself properly. And if a man cannot love a woman for who she is. He does not deserve to be called a man at all.

If he doesn’t prioritize you, he’s just paying lip service to what matters most to him, not investing time into your relationship. As humans, we all crave love and connection, so it makes sense why this would be a red flag. If he puts more time into his hobbies than he does hanging out with you, then he’ll never fully commit to you.

2. He cares more about physical intimacy than emotional intimacy.

Intimacy in a relationship is a vital part of keeping your romance fresh and your spark alive. It’s great that you feel connected physically in your relationship. Still, if he cares more about that than his emotional connection with you. Then it’s probably a red flag that he’s not into you romantically or emotionally, and he pretends to love you and just spend time with you like free time.

There can be a difference in emotional and sexual intimacy. A man in love with you will miss you when he is away. Moreover, he will need to call, text, and stalk your social media special moments in order to be emotionally attached to you. And he will want to make sweet love to you. Also, he will smell your hair, touch your skin and listen to your voice when you talk. Because he wants to hear you because you are the most important person to him.

3. He wants to keep the relationship secret (Secret Relationship).

When a guy is really into a girl, he certainly doesn’t mind showing it and introducing her to his family and friends as a girlfriend. Many guys see bragging as if their girl were a prize they won. And isn’t ashamed of the fact that they feel so proud of her. But some guys want to keep their relationship private from everyone, and those are the ones who pretend to love you only and who have no feelings for you. So it’s better to leave him and find a better person or find your true love who loves you and cherishes you.

You may find yourself thinking that it’s sweet that your boyfriend wants to keep you a secret, but the truth is that he is trying to hide something. And while he professes his desire for you to be seen with him in public, there are other ways he shows his true colors. He might pretend like he doesn’t need any of your help. Or, when you do talk about getting more severe in the future, he will start to make numerous excuses.

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4. He was never there for you When you had a hard time.

He was never there for you when you needed him the most. When someone isn’t there for you when you are in dire need of their presence, it is one of the most prominent clear signs that they don’t love you at all. Yes, there are times when people have to be away from each other due to certain circumstances. Still, if by any chance this person had made it a habit of not being there for you when you needed them, he may excuse himself and ignore you at that crucial moment and walk away, or you just stupidly wait for him, they do not care about your feelings.

5. He neglects all his responsibility.

Suppose your partner started neglecting all his responsibilities and became irresponsible and irresponsible to everyone and everything. In that case, there is a big chance that he never loved you to begin with. A guy may pretend to love you, but if he takes no care of himself, his family, or his responsibilities, then all of that is a big fat lie. If he never realizes his responsibilities, then he’s not valuing or loving you, or maybe you also expect him to realize his responsibility. After all, some things are more important than romance – responsibility is one of them.

6. He never makes you feel like a queen (feel special)

There are many signs he pretends to love you, but only one of them is not having the ability to make sure you feel like a queen. You deserve everlasting love and a man who makes you feel special, no matter what. If being with him doesn’t take you to a little cloud nine, something is wrong here. Someone who pretends to love you will never appreciate your simple efforts to please him, learn more about his interests. Show up for him just to surprise him, get to know his friends and family, or be concerned about his well-being even when he cancels plans with you at the last minute.

7. He always forgets special dates and occasions.

If that man that you have been dating has forgotten the special dates and times, he might be one of those who pretend to love other people. He may especially give you a hard time during valentines day and anniversaries.

When it comes to being in a relationship, there are times when you have to show your affection for your significant other. That’s why the partner should always remember birthdays, anniversaries, or any special day that comes across. However, if your partner forgets all these dates and feels he doesn’t love you anymore, this might confirm that fact.

8. He feels bored when he spends time with you.

Everybody feels bored from time to time, but what’s of concern is if your boyfriend or husband repeatedly feels bored when he spends time with you. If this is true, there’s a strong chance that he doesn’t find you attractive, or he just pretends to love you. Boredom can also be the result of spending time with someone who is too much alike. If this is the case, it means that you both have common interests and conversations with each other tend to be shallow and uninteresting.

9. He will never accept his mistakes.

You have been dating a guy for some time now, and you find that he never accepts his mistakes. Well, this is the sign that he is pretending to love you. No one is perfect, and we all make mistakes here and there. This means that if your man does not love you, he will never accept his mistakes, no matter how petty they are. Something is wrong with your man if he pretends to love you but refuses to own up to his mistakes.

10. He often avoids communication and hiding things from you.

You’ve noticed your guy doing several suspicious things. He often avoids communication and hides things from you, even when you ask him directly. There are times when he pretends to love you and other people around him, but if you’re ever away from other people and just the two of you, he starts talking ill about others and other things that don’t mean anything to you at that time.

They say absence makes the heart grow fonder. Not true with people who pretend to love you. More than likely, he is no longer interested in getting to know you and does not see a future for this relationship. If he repeatedly avoids communication or hiding things from you, it would be wise for you to move on and find someone who will treat you better.

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