sign he is fighting his feelings for you, he's fighting his feelings for you

Humans are social creatures. We thrive to be around other humans. This is because human interaction helps us feel happy, better about ourselves, and less lonely. There are ways that you can tell if someone has feelings for you. It can be hard to tell if someone likes you. Sometimes, people will act like they don’t like you just so that they don’t have to deal with the consequences of liking you. Other times, it’s not as clear cut, and there are signs he is fighting his feelings for you! This blog post will discuss 12 signs that your guy might be trying to fight his feelings for you.

Why do men fight their feelings?

In general, guys who fight their feelings are afraid of judgement from friends and family. Men tend to carry weight from what they think people will say. Since society has a tendency to ostracize people for not being in heterosexual relationships, many men will use the excuse that they don’t fight their feelings because “it’s not right.” But when you look at it from a different angle, every time someone chooses to hold back who they really are out of fear of rejection, they also reject themselves to maintain the norm. The truth is that when you love someone enough, then nothing else should matter – except that person!

12 signs he is fighting his feelings for you.

signs he is fighting his feelings for you, he is fighting his feelings for you

There are lots of reasons a man might hide his feelings. Maybe he feels guilty, ashamed, or embarrassed. Or he fears that telling you his feelings will hurt you. Or he worries that you won’t understand. Maybe he is worried that you won’t love him if he knows how you feel. Read: Signs Your Male Friend Has Feelings For You

But there are only specific signals a man gives that tell him you are hurting. Here is how you can spot them.

1. He smiles at you.

A genuine smile is not hiding any negative feelings.

If he’s smiling at you, it means that deep down inside of him. He wants to be with you and share this moment with you! He might even be thinking about how amazing your night together was or wondering what the future holds for both of you! Either way, seeing his beautiful smile will make your heart melt and give you the confidence that he wants to see where this is going!

2. He touches you.

One of the main signs he is hiding his feelings for you is if he touches you more than normal.

Touching, especially in intimate ways like holding hands or hugging, can be a very powerful way to convey how someone feels about another person. People who are comfortable with their sexuality will touch others often – even just by accident! So when you see him touch you more than normal. It’s a sign that he is becoming comfortable with his feelings for you.

This man wants to know that you are interested in being around him and enjoys spending time with you just as much as he does! If he seems to be touching your hand or arm more often. He’s most likely trying to show you that he likes you.

3. You get him talking.

Men often keep their feelings hidden and don’t open up to others about them. So if he is opening himself up, it means that he trusts you enough to show you how he feels! This will be a massive step in the relationship because it shows him how comfortable you are with each other and allows for more bonding time between the two of you.

If he starts talking about his feelings and emotions. Then it is a signs he’s fighting his feelings for you.

4. He makes plans with you.

This is another big clue as to whether or not he’s fighting his feelings for you! A man who really likes a woman will want to spend as much time with them as possible and make plans in advance. Even if it means cancelling previous engagements! If he makes an effort to call and ask how your day was or to show up at your house with a bouquet. It means he likes you and values the time that you spend together.

Furthermore, if he’s texting or calling multiple times throughout the day just to say hello. Then this is another sign that there are feelings for you! Men who don’t like women won’t go out of their way to plan a date with them.

All of the signs he is fighting his feelings for you are subtle, but if you can spot them. Then that means there’s definitely something going on inside of him! So pay even closer attention and always trust your instincts – they know best!

5.He starts paying more attention to you.

If he seems to be paying more attention to you lately. It’s a sign that he is fighting his feelings for you! If he asks questions about your future and shares details about what you guys could do together in the future, then definitely take note. When men like women. They start thinking of them as their partners and want to know everything about them. Including what their future plans are.

So if he seems to be listening more when you’re talking and asking how your day is going. Then there’s a chance that his feelings for you might be growing! Don’t let yourself get too excited, though, because this could also just mean that he has become comfortable with the relationship and wants to get to know you better.

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6. He talks about personal things.

Talking about personal things is a major sign that he’s attracted to you and feeling emotions for you. It shows his vulnerable side, and it allows him to get closer with you so he can let himself be free! If men aren’t comfortable around women, they won’t talk about anything personal because they’re afraid of getting too close and scaring them away.

So if you notice that he is opening up to you and sharing personal things about himself. Such as his fears, insecurities, etc., it’s a sign of attraction! He trusts you enough to feel confident around you and let go of the walls he has built up. It allows him to be himself without feeling like there’s judgement.

7. He remembers things you guys have done together.

If he remembers the little things you guys have done together, it shows that he is thinking of you! Of course, everyone has the memory capacity to remember certain events, but if they are taking more time to try and think about them. Then there’s a chance they’re doing so because they like you. It takes effort for someone to recall memories from the past because it takes time and energy – which is a sign of attraction.

Instead of just saying that they remember things, another way to tell if he’s fighting his feelings for you is by listening more carefully when he starts talking about the memories! He will either say, “I remember this one time we went here,” or elaborate on what happened in the memory.

All in all, if you notice a man showing effort to remember things from your past and making an active attempt to do so. It’s a sign that he wants to know more about you! So pay close attention because these are big signs of attraction.

8. He starts looking forward to spending time with you.

If he starts looking forward to spending time with you and makes an effort to make it happen. Then this is a massive sign that he is fighting his feelings for you. If he’s asking when your next hangout will be or if there’s any chance of seeing each other in the near future, definitely take note.

When men like women, they start looking forward to seeing them and having time with them because it makes their day better! They feel more motivated, happy, etc. When the woman is around so if he’s suddenly asking you out a lot, then there might just be something going on in his mind that you’re not aware of yet – until now 😉

9. He worries about you.

A man with feelings for you will start worrying about your safety, happiness, etc., without even realizing it! If he starts asking if everything is okay because things seem different or bringing up memories to see how you are feeling in the present moment, definitely take note of his actions. These are signs that he’s falling for you and has started to care about your well-being.

So if you notice that he is asking more questions about how you’re feeling or the state of your life. Then it’s a signs that his feelings are growing stronger! It shows that he really does want to know what makes you happy and sad – because he wants happiness to be brought into both yours and his life.

10. He seems unhappy or sad.

A man with feelings for someone will start to act differently when they aren’t around! If he seems unhappy or sad, it means that being away from you is causing him pain because the thought of not seeing you makes his heartache. He wants your company and can’t imagine a day without talking to you so if this starts happening in the relationship, take note!

11. He pretends to be someone else.

If he starts to pretend as though he is someone else around you, then this could be a sign that his feelings are getting too strong, and it’s making him uncomfortable. Instead of being himself, which is usually more confident and less self-conscious about things. He feels the need to change who he is so it doesn’t show how attracted he is to you.

The reason for this happening could be because he’s hiding his feelings and trying to push them down, which never works out well in the end! The best thing that can happen when a man has feelings for a woman is if they talk about it – like actually communicating their genuine emotions instead of keeping everything bottled up inside.

12. He seems to love someone else.

If he seems to love someone else and is trying his best not to be in a relationship with you. Then this could mean that there are deep feelings involved! If he’s still into another woman even though you’re interested. It might just take some time for him to really see how great of a connection the two of you have. So if you’re feeling a bit insecure, just be patient and wait it out. Because when he sees how awesome you are, the feelings will eventually come!

So if there is another woman in his life that he loves or cares about. Then take note of whether they seem close or not. If she’s always around him at all times and never seems to leave his side, then this means that she is most likely the woman he loves – and you need to move on.

Final thoughts

These are 12 signs he is fighting his feelings for you. So next time a man smiles at you, touches you, starts talking to you, seems interested in future plans, talks about personal things, remembers things he has done for you, seems happy, or seems sad, you may be on the right track.

When a man hides his feelings, you can tell because he does these things. But if he doesn’t, he may simply be shy, which is normal. Or he may be embarrassed, which is something else. Sometimes a man is afraid that you are too sensitive or that you won’t understand.

If you are hurt, then a man might avoid you because he doesn’t want to hurt you again. So if your relationship is going well and there are no signs, just have fun together! When it’s time for him to open up, he will.

A good rule of thumb: when in doubt, give the other person space to speak their mind about how they feel.

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