signs she is hiding her feelings for you,

It’s all too easy to miss them because we’re so busy looking at the ones who tell us openly just how they feel. But if you look closely, and pay attention to what your woman does when she thinks no one else is watching, then it becomes very clear that some people keep their emotions hidden deep inside of themselves and don’t reveal them until they think the time is right. Here are 17 signs she’s hiding her feelings for you:

Signs she is hiding her feelings for you, she is interested in you, she is falling for you

How do you know if She is hiding her feelings for you?

Girls also have feelings for guys, but they are hiding their feelings because either she’s shy or maybe she overthinks if you are the right person for her or not. Maybe she’s falling for you already. There are many signs like she’s jealous when you talk to other women in front of her. If a girl likes you, she will discuss you with her best friends. You are wondering why your female friend suddenly finds you attractive and starts complimenting you. There are some signs you should notice and If you are observing these things, then that means maybe she has secretly romantic feelings for you.

She texts back quickly

If your woman responds to your texts within seconds, then she is trying hard not to show how much you’re getting under her skin. If on the other hand, you find that it can take hours or even days for a reply to come through and when it does finally arrive there’s very little in terms of actual conversation, then this means no romantic feelings are going on behind the scenes.

This is a very common sign of someone who’s struggling to suppress their feelings and can be a sign that she has fallen for you but doesn’t want you to know it yet because there are some obstacles in your way or perhaps her commitment issues.

Her eyes light up when she sees you

Her eyes light up when she sees you. This is a good sign that a woman has strong feelings for someone because it’s so obvious and impossible to hide. When she looks at your face or body language her pupils dilate which means more blood is flowing through them than normal (as part of the fight-or-flight response). This is the same physical reaction that people get when they’re nervous around someone who intimidates them or makes them feel uncomfortable.

Her eyes light up when she sees you sometimes because it means that her body wants to approach you and get close to your face in order to smell what’s going on with your pheromones (chemical signals) right now. It also tells you that she’s probably willing to mate with you, which is why her pupils dilate when she is around you.

The more your woman’s eyes light up every time she sees you coming towards her, the more likely it is that she has some kind of strong secret feelings for you; if not attraction then at least affection and friendship. If a woman is developing feelings towards you then you should pay attention to this sign.

She’s always the one who initiates plans.

She’s always the one who initiates plans. she keeps asking you to hang out and doesn’t seem to want to give up on you, then there is a very good chance that her feelings are stronger than just a passing crush or a friendly attraction. If this happens early in your relationship it may be because she wants more from you or she wants more from your relationship, even if that more isn’t something you’re prepared to give just yet. If this starts after a few months then it may be because her feelings have been growing for some time and perhaps she’s been keeping them hidden for ages before finally reaching the point where they can no longer stay bottled up inside of herself.

She tries hard to make you happy.

She wants your happiness because she cares about what happens in the relationship. This means that she isn’t afraid of being herself around you even if it might lead to problems down the line, which is a great sign that there are strong feelings for her on her part. The average person wouldn’t care enough to make sure they are doing the right things to keep their partner happy, but she is willing to go above and beyond for you two to have a strong future together. Her caring nature is one of the signs she is hiding her feelings for you.

She’s always trying to get your attention.

She is always trying to get your attention when you are together. When you talk to other women in front of her she feels jealous and tries to get your attention. If she doesn’t think that anyone else will notice then she might even make some secret signs for you, but most of the time it’s just how her body language works around yours because she doesn’t want you to know what’s going on in her mind. She’ll be very affectionate, but sometimes she’ll make physical signs like touching you to get your attention (most often when other people are around), and if no one else is watching then she might even give some signs that can’t be mistaken for anything but love.

She’s always the one who initiates physical contact.

She’s always the one who initiates physical contact. If your female friend is constantly reaching out for you, either by grabbing your hand or wrapping her arms around your waist then that can be a sign that she wants to feel close to you even when no one is watching. this is happening early in the relationship this may mean that she’s ready to take things a step further and if it happens later on then her feelings may be growing stronger as the relationship moves forward.

She is struggling with how she feels about you, physical contact can help her feel connected to you without having to say anything out loud or give herself away in public. If your friend is not used to being so affectionate with other people, then this might feel a little strange for her and she may be hiding it and trying to keep herself from feeling vulnerable.

When you’re talking, she makes eye contact with you more than usual.

When you’re talking, she makes more eye contact with you than usual. If someone isn’t interested in what another person is saying then they won’t pay much attention to them when they talk and will usually let their mind wander off onto other things instead of maintaining focus on the conversation at hand. But girls who have strong feelings for someone will usually make more eye contact with them than usual because they want to see what you’re thinking and how your mind works. If she is making a lot of strong eye contact during conversation then it probably means that her feelings for you are becoming stronger as time passes by. This is one of the most important signs she is hiding her feelings for you.

She might become quite self-conscious when she’s around you.

She might start becoming quite self-conscious when she’s around you. This is a sign that she’s hiding some romantic feelings for you present beneath the surface of her mind even if it doesn’t seem like it on the outside. Because women who have strong emotions will usually be very careful about how they look and act in front of others to keep themselves from being judged. If you know her well, then she probably doesn’t have to change how she looks or acts for fear of judgment, but if not then it’s likely that there are signs of self-consciousness present even though they may become stronger as time passes by and feelings grow more intense on the other person’s part.

She laughs at all of your jokes.

If she laughs at all of your jokes then it means that there are signs of attraction underneath the surface even if they aren’t visible due to her trying hard to hide them. It’s not always easy for women to act on their feelings, so sometimes they give signs like laughing when someone makes a joke because it’s easier than telling you how she feels which might be too much for her to handle at the moment.

She asks you personal questions.

She might ask you a lot of personal questions like how your day went, what sort of things interest and excite you, and other signs that she wants to know about the more intimate parts of your life. If it’s just casual conversation then there shouldn’t be anything wrong with this type of behavior on her part, but if it’s more than that then she might want to get into your personal life a little bit because you’re close and special in her mind. It is a clear signal

She loves talking about the future with you.

Signs she is hiding her feelings for you, she is interested in you, she is falling for you

If she talks about the future a lot when you talk or spend time together then there are signs of attraction on her part. There are times when women will talk about the future with a man they like because it’s easier for them to get closer without having to feel too much pressure from someone who wants things to move faster than she does. If you’re talking and suddenly out of nowhere she starts discussing what might happen in a couple of years then that signs that there are some signs of attraction present, but if she’s not someone who does this kind of thing then it might be best to take things slower with her.

She always wants to spend time with you.

She always wants to be around you and doesn’t want the time spent with you to end. This is a sign of attraction because women will usually feel comfortable enough when they spend time with someone that they don’t have a problem with them seeing how their mind works and how they are deep down on an emotional level that most people can’t reach. If she doesn’t want the time spent with you to come to an end then it means that she values your friendship and wants more, but if this is not something that happens between you two then there’s a good chance that her feelings aren’t present even though she might act like they are.

She feels jealous when you talk to another woman.

If your woman starts to act jealous when she spots you talking with another girl, then this can be a sign that feelings are bubbling up inside of her. If she doesn’t show any signs of jealousy when you’re out together, then this might mean that there’s a fear of rejection and that’s why she is hiding her feelings.

This is a very obvious sign that she is interested in you, if you want to try, you can mention any girl’s name and then see her reaction to this. if she asks you questions related to that girl or asks you about your feelings towards another girl, that means she secretly likes you or she hiding her feelings for you.

When she’s with you, her mood and Body language change.

When a woman is in your presence she might feel something that makes her mood much better than normal, This does not mean that women always have to be happy while around someone they like because sometimes it’s just casual conversation where humor isn’t involved, but if she is always in a good mood when you’re around then there are true feelings of attraction underneath the surface.

Signs she is hiding her feelings for you, she is interested in you, she is falling for you

if she’s interested in you her body language will change whenever she saw you, if a girl tries to hide her feelings for you she will try to keep it to herself but her subconscious mind has no control over her body, and that’s why her body language will change whenever you are around her. She behaves differently like, with a genuine smile on her face, she enjoys your company or maybe she behaves weirdly and always does silly things around you. all these things are perfect examples of signs she is hiding her feelings for you.

She can’t stop thinking about you.

If she’s constantly on your mind, even if it’s only every once in a while but her thoughts keep traveling back to you, then that means that something special exists between the two of you. Women will usually think about someone special to them from time to time, but if she can’t stop thinking about you then it means that a girl is secretly interested in you. She’s hiding her romantic feelings from you because she wants you to take the first step.

She compliments everything about you.

If she compliments everything about you, even the smallest things that only someone who knows you well would notice, then it means that there are feelings of love on her part. Most women will find something to compliment when talking about an attractive man because they want to seem nice and polite in front of them so they don’t come across as being rude, but if she’s doing it all of the time then there are signs that she has a crush on you but she is hiding her feelings.

She will tell you her true feelings.

If it takes her a while to open up to someone, or if she never does at all, and suddenly she decides to tell you personal things about herself without any pressure from your end then this means that she is ready to get closer to you. This doesn’t mean that every time she opens up there are some feelings present, but if it’s something that usually takes a while for her and suddenly the words flow easily then this is another sign of attraction on her part because women don’t open up quickly unless they feel comfortable with someone.

To conclude:

if you’re wondering whether the woman in your life is feeling for you then there are signs that can help. There is no universal look or action that every woman will do when they like someone, so remember to take things slowly and pay attention to all of her actions because even the slightest change could be a sign of attraction present.

these are the signs she is hiding her feelings for you. I hope you found this article useful. If it’s not a problem, please try to share your thoughts on the topic with us in the comments section below. As always thank you for reading and have a great day!

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