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In today’s society, texting has become the most popular form of communication. In fact, all most 95% of people in America use their phones to text. But do you really think this is a good idea? According to “The Psychology of Texting,” by Alan Manevitz says that how texts can be seen as less personal and more ambiguous than face-to-face conversations because they lack body language cues. She also argues that seeing someone type on a screen instead of speaking with them makes the conversation seem less genuine and caring. This means not only are we hurting our relationships by texting first, but we’re also hurting ourselves by staying isolated from real human interactions. Do yourself a favor and put your phone down and stop texting first.

Why should you stop texting first?

It’s a constant battle. Is it worth texting first? You’re not sure if they’ll text you back. What will they think of your message? Will this be the start of something great or just another failed attempt? Stop stressing and stop texting first! Here are 11 reasons why you should stop texting first:

1. It’s a waste of time.

If someone is not interested enough to reply to your text, then you should stop texting them. If they aren’t going to text back when something is on their mind or if they have a question, then what’s the point? They’ll only create stress and tension when there doesn’t need to be any. Please don’t waste your time texting people who don’t care about you, save it for someone who will reply with sincerity.

There is no point wasting your time on people who don’t even reply to you. If you want to save yourself from the heartache and discomfort of not knowing what’s going on in their heads and why they haven’t replied, don’t text first!

2. You might end up coming off desperate or needy.

A lot of people can misinterpret your texts as being needy because you’re texting the other person first instead of waiting for them to text you back. We all know that nobody likes a needy person. Stop texting first to stop appearing that way. If you keep texting someone who doesn’t reply, they’ll feel like you’re too clingy and desperate to hang out with them. It’s not good at all when it comes to starting a healthy relationship with someone so stop this cycle immediately! 

3. You stop obsessing over.

What will they think? How will they respond? Will this be an awkward conversation? Stop stressing ( stress yourself) because stop worrying means stop obsessing over how the other person might feel and if their reply will make you happy. Stop worrying and stop obsessing over the other person’s reply. When you stop texting first, it takes away that stress of knowing when your next conversation will be. You stop stressing out about if their phone was on silent when they got your message and how weird it will be when they call, and your phone is on silent. You stop stressing out about what to say and how to start a conversation. Stop worrying so much and stop texting first!

4. Who will miss you

It’s not easy to stop texting first because there are a lot of questions that come up. It might be hard for you to stop. But it can also give someone who is interested in you opportunity to miss you. which is always great!. So if someone really likes you or misses you, they will automatically text you first if you stop texting them first.

5. You start living your life.

Don’t spend all this time texting someone when you could be out living your life! When you’re stressed out about if they got your message, what it says or how to reply. You’re wasting time that could be spent doing something that makes you happy (or at least less stressed). Your life starts the second you stop worrying about if they’re going to text back or not! You have so much potential, so use it.

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6.You are the one who is making all the effort.

When you’re the only person who is making an effort to keep a friendship or relationship alive, it’s unfair to you. If you’re the only one keeping in contact, then that person can easily drop you at any point. They don’t have to make an effort because you are making all of it for them. And when you stop texting first, they might actually pick up their phone and text you if they realize how much effort you were putting in!

You’ll always feel like this relationship or friendship is one-sided, and it will drain your all positive energy and happiness. For this reason, I think it’s better to back off for a while and monitor their level of effort.

7. You’ll find out who actually wants to text you.

If you’re texting first all of the time, then why not just stop? It’s an easy fix, and it will lead to more texts back if they are interested in talking. People who aren’t worth your time won’t care whether or not you text them first, so it’s best to let them go. If someone is only interested in talking with you on occasion, there is no point wasting your energy on someone like that.

I know this sounds harsh, but sometimes we’ve got to face facts. This way, at least you can find out who’s really into you without having constant thoughts about what their message might say (because even friends do this, you’re not alone).

8. It’s a bad idea to test first if you’re not sure the person will respond.

If you’re not so sure that the other person is going to reply to you or not, don’t text (them) first. It’s okay to wait for them to text you back, or better yet – try waiting about an hour before responding just in case they’re busy with something else! There’s no need to rush into things because why ruin a perfectly good friendship? If the two of you are meant to be together, then they’ll text you back eventually.

It’s far too easy for someone not interested in talking to you. They simply ignore your message without any consequences. You could keep trying and trying all day, but if they really aren’t interested, it will all be for nothing. By stopping yourself from texting first, it will give people who are actually worth your time the chance to realize that they actually miss you!

9. If you’re always texting first, there is no point even waiting for a reply.

People are busy! People don’t text back or take a long time to reply because they are busy with something else. They might be working, studying, or at an appointment that’s very important in their lives.

If they’re not the kind of person who texts back on a regular basis, why spend all that time waiting for a reply? If it’s going to take them 4 hours to reply to you just because your conversation started at 10 pm, then what is the point? People aren’t robots, and sometimes there are more important things in life than replying to someone’s text!

10. Focus on yourself and appreciates your worth.

If they’re not interested, don’t let it get you down. It’s their loss and your gain. You deserve someone who cares about what you think and who makes time for you! Instead of texting people who aren’t even interested in talking to you, how about finding someone like that?

It would help if you stopped the cycle of seeking validation through other people’s actions. You are totally worthwhile – don’t ever let someone make you think otherwise!. Start focusing on yourself and build your value. Don’t give anyone permission to ruin your self-esteem. You are a beautiful and Independent human being.

Life goes on, and so will you. The best way to handle this is to take your reaction in stride. If you’re upset, try something else. Go for a walk, exercise, or spend time with friends. Once you calm down, you’ll see that the worst actually wasn’t that bad.

11. It could hurt you if the feeling is not mutual.

There’s no doubt about it. It’s not easy to stop texting first, especially if you’re so excited to talk to someone you really like. However, there are some risks involved. If the feeling isn’t mutual, or if they don’t feel the same way about you, then it could be bad news for your ego. And if you’re actually falling for someone, then not only could it hurt — but also give that person an opportunity to miss out on something great; it could give that particular person an opportunity to miss you!

Life goes on, and so will you. The best way to handle this is to take your reaction in stride. If you’re upset, try something else. Go for a walk, exercise, or spend time with friends. Once you calm down, you’ll see that the worst actually wasn’t that bad.

Final Thoughts

Of course, not texting first isn’t always the answer. Sometimes, it makes sense to text first. If you’ve been talking to someone for a while and you’ve established a relationship, you may want to text first so you can follow up later. But most of the time, you should just leave it alone. Don’t text first. Don’t text at all. Just live your own life, and try not to let the little things stress you out.

There are many reasons why you should stop texting first, but there’s one thing that stands out to me the most. That is when someone texts back, and they don’t seem interested in what you’ve said or done because of how quickly they respond. Texting will only work if both people want it to happen; otherwise, it can be really frustrating for everyone involved. I hope this has helped give some insight into your situation! Let us know if we can help with anything else 🙂

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