why ghoster always come back, Why do Ghosters always come back, Ghosters always come back

We all know that Ghosting is cruel. You show interest, spend time with them, and then bam! They disappear without a word. One minute you’re texting back and forth. The next, they’ve blocked your number or unfollowed you on social media. But why Ghosters always come back? There are many reasons why people who ghost often come back to their former partners or friends (or at least try to), even if it’s just for one last goodbye before they move on to greener pastures. Read this article to find out 11 of those reasons!

According to Dr. Wendy Walsh, a psychology professor, there are three types of Ghosting. Lightweight Ghosting, when someone ignores your texts, but you don’t have any acquaintance with them. Midweight is when you have met a person few times, and they start ignoring you, which hurts more. The third level is Heavyweight when you have been involved in a sexual relationship with someone, and they leave you without any notice.

Why People Ghost?

There’s no real reason people ghost someone these days. There’s no logic to it, and there’s no explanation for it. For those of you who’ve been ghosted, not only does it shatter your self-esteem, it can also hurt as much as physical pain. There’s less social accountability when you meet people online because you often meet people who are not in your social circle and don’t know other people. It becomes easier to move on from a relationship very quickly when you don’t have anybody else in your social group who will object to how you’re treating somebody else.

1. They regret ghosting you.

Why do ghosters always come back? Well, there are several potential reasons why ghosts do this. In general, they feel awkward about ending a conversation abruptly and don’t know how to follow up with an apology. They also blame themselves for Ghosting you, which makes them doubt their own judgment and make them think twice about doing it again. Ghost genuinely feels terrible for Ghosting you. They think that if they act like jerks, other people will treat them badly too, and it won’t hurt as much when relationships end.

2. They want to alleviate the guilt

why ghoster always come back, Why do Ghosters always come back, Ghosters always come back

The reason Ghoster comes back in your life is that they hope you’ll give them another chance. They want closure or to say goodbye one last time. Ghosters thought it would be easier, but they didn’t expect feelings of remorse and guilt afterward. Their own relationships ended badly, so they’re projecting their anger on others out of self-defense. They want to apologize for their actions. They don’t know how it went south, but they’re hoping you can help them fix things between the two of you. Ghoster is also a human being. They also have feelings, and the guilt they feel after Ghosting is sometimes unbearable. Your forgiveness is all they are seeking when a ghost comes back to your life.

3. You are their backup Plan

People who are Ghosting often do this in order to keep you as an option for the future. They want to continue using you until they find someone else who is better. Seeing you happy with someone else makes them jealous, so they try to sabotage your happiness by making contact again or trying one last time to get attention from you before giving up on the relationship altogether. Sometimes they come because they just want to destroy your amazing life.

4. They want closure

Friendships often end because of differing values or interests, but sometimes friends continue to talk and care about each other even if they do not want a relationship. Sometimes people who have ghosted you will reach out for closure or as a way of saying goodbye before completely removing themselves from your life entirely. They want you to forget about their dirty ghosting past and try to be a decent person.

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5. They are bored want entertainment in their life

You are just entertainment in their lives. In other words, people come back because they’re addicted to drama. They’re bored with their lives, and the adrenaline rush from breaking up and making up is a big change from the routine. It’s a lot more exciting than going to work or doing chores. When a ghost comes back, it’s often not because he or she has changed but because the ghoster has gotten bored. So, This is one of the reasons why ghoster come back to your life.

7. They Think you are missing them

What makes it hard to deal with Ghosters is that they assume you still miss them. Sometimes they assume they are making you miserable by disappearing and you will go on trying. They assume that they can get into that pattern again when they return. Ghost think you genuinely miss them, and your world revolves around them. That is why ghosters always come back.

8. You are just a rebound for them

Ghoster always comes back because they think you are a perfect rebound for them. They believe they are smart enough to find someone better but not too smart to risk getting hurt again. Usually, these people start dating their partner after a breakup with another person. Breakups are hard, and they usually lead to the feeling that you need time to recover from the pain.

The recovery period is usually much longer than you think it will be, and they want an ego boost. It’s the reason why ghosters come back after their breakup. They missed you! They have realized that you are much better for them than their ex-partner. So now, they are ready to give it another try. The truth is that ghosters always come back because they think you will be there to pick up the pieces when they fall apart again.

9. They act like nothing wrong happened between the two of you.

Ghosts make a lot of mistakes. First of all, they don’t realize how much their behavior hurts other people. They assume everyone is too busy or too cool to care. And they’re wrong: everybody thinks about how their lives would be different if they lost you as a friend and who would fill the gap where you were.

Second, ghosters don’t understand how important it is to be present in other people’s lives even when those people aren’t present in yours. It’s easy to feel like you should never bother anyone who isn’t around to return the favor. But if your life feels empty without real friendships, your life will feel empty even more so once those friendships come back around.

10. They want only one thing from you.

When someone ghosted you, the thing they were primarily looking for was sex. And that’s how it usually works: people do things because they expect them to be rewarded. The reward for sex is sex, and the reward for not having sex is sex. So it doesn’t make sense to ask why someone who says no to something would still come back for more; if their goal was sex, they want more sex. If your goal is getting together with someone who isn’t interested in you, this makes perfect sense.

11. Sometimes they get desperate

Ghosts are desperate to get back together with you, but they are more interested in getting your attention than in being with you. They are using the phrase “I miss you” to try to make you think that there is still something between you. You may not be able to get rid of the ghoster, but it will be easier for both of you if you can stop him from sending messages.

The best thing to do when you get a text that says “I miss you” is to ignore it. I don’t care how much they miss you, or what they said in their text, or how long it’s been since they texted you or called you. Just don’t respond until you have considered all the other possibilities.

What to do when ghosters come back?

Always keep in mind that a ghoster is like a boomerang. They don’t want any serious relationship with you. Suppose they come back into your life but not more than a night. In real life, they are still a jerk. The only way to really get rid of ghosters is to delete their accounts permanently. That’s what you do when they are no longer friends, not what you do when they are still your friend, but they have stopped being a good person.

Final Thoughts

Why do ghosters always come back? The answer may not be what you’re expecting. The ghoster is a person who has been dating someone for a while but suddenly disappears without any warning. They come back, later on, to see if the other person will give them attention again or not. If you’ve ever been in this situation before and are wondering what’s going on with your ex-partner, it could be that they’re just a ‘ghoster.’

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